" A sustainable Aggregates Industry for a sustainable Europe "

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The European Aggregates Industry during the
Covid-19 crisis.
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The aggregates sector is by far the largest amongst the non-energy extractive industries.

The European aggregates demand is 3 billion tonnes per year, representing a turnover of more than €15-20 billion.

The European average aggregates demand is 5 tonnes per capita per year.

Some 87% of all aggregates produced are from natural resources in quarries and pits.

The remaining comes from recycled aggregates (8%), the rest being marine and manufactured aggregates (4%).

The aggregates industry comprises some 15,000 companies (mostly SMEs) operating in 26,000 quarries and pits across Europe, employing 220,000 people directly and indirectly.

European Aggregates Association

UEPG stands for "Union Européenne des Producteurs de Granulats" (European Aggregates Association, Europäischer Gesteinsverband). Aggregates are sand, gravel (including marine aggregates), crushed rock, recycled and manufactured aggregates.

UEPG represents the European Aggregates Industry in Brussels, now with Members in 24 countries. On behalf of its Members, UEPG actively lobbies the European institutions and other stakeholders on issues key to the industry.

Our vision is a Sustainable Industry for a Sustainable Europe. Our mission is to be the Industry Champion and a trusted Partner. UEPG Core Values are to be Open, Transparent and Honest. We have a particular focus on health and safety, access to local resources, recycling, excellence in environmental stewardship and biodiversity.

The European Aggregates Industry during the Covid-19 crisis. Click here for updates

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Case Studies

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Biodiversity Case Studies

With its 25,000 sites across Europe, the Aggregates Industry is uniquely placed to make a significant positive contribution to the process of halting the loss of biodiversity. Our Biodiversity Case Study database demonstrates the sector’s commitment to the Biodiversity Action Plan of the European Commission to protect and restore biological systems.

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