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Near a Natura 2000 area

Chambéon -


To restore and protect the River Loire ecosystem.

To create a scientific and educational area.


Forez plain is an agricultural area crossed by the river Loire. River, wetlands and lakes make this area important for biodiversity and birds migration. The quarry has been exploited since 1973. The restored surface is 45 hectares with 33 hectares of lake. The quarry is near a Natura 2000 area.


Work in partnership with an NGO (FRAPNA).

Creation of 2 lakes for birds with 3 islands far away from the bank.

Creation of a triple bank with a low slop for fishes, birds and amphibians.

Diversification of the ecosystem: e.g. reed bed, soft walls, river forest.

Creation of a building to welcome visitors and pupils.


240 species of plants; 55 species of breeding birds; 87 species of migratory birds; 70 000 visitors with 20 000 pupils.

The “ecopole du Forez” is a national and regional important research area for ecology, hydrology, and sociology.


FRAPNA (http://www.frapna.org/index.php), environmental association.

Credit Phototheque CEMEX Julien Vallé