Biodiversity Case Study

Presles et Boves, Aisne -


To protect a large area of breeding for the European Bee-eater and the Sand Martin, with abrupt walls non accessible to walkers.


It was observed that in the 38 hectares quarry, numerous Bee-eater and Sand Martin nests were built into the sand walls during the operations.


Within the quarry, an area of 1.5 hectares is not exploitable due to archeological constraints. The company decided to use this area to create a central island, leaving part of the walls as they are in order to protect the two bird species. Peripheral areas on the flat banks, sheltering many species (insects, amphibians, birds) are as well being protected.


The island is currently being created. The modification to the rehabilitation plan has been validated. Many nests have already settled on the island and on the peripheral areas in 2007. In 2018, the project was still on-going. The development of the abrupt walls are in progress : every year the company makes definitive and temporary abrupt walls for the Bee-eater with an environmental association.