Granulats Vicat


UEPG Sustainable Development Awards 2013

Mazières -


Creating a special habitat for endangered species of bats at the Mazières quarry.


The quarry run by Granulats Vicat since 1995 (formerly Matériaux SAS) is a large limestone rock quarry located in the commune of Maizières, on the Sainte-Barbe plateau, in the department of Meurthe-et-Moselle. In anticipation of the collapse of some of the ancient underground quarries of the area, which are home to a few isolated chiropteras, GRANULATS VICAT voluntarily suggested creating a new underground habitat.


Construction of an underground habitat for the different bat species of the quarry. This construction was done with limestone blocks. The shelter had different compartments for the different stages of the bat life-cycle.

Monitoring of the number of bats in the quarry area through in situ inspections and ultra sound recording.


Protection and conservation of the chiropteras population. Since 2009, the chiroptera species progressively started longer periods of occupation.

Becoming a singular location for the French national population of bats.


ONF Nancy and CPEPESC Lorraine