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Biodiversity Case Study

Balloy and Bazoches lès Bray -


Develop the ecological potential of the quarry in the area of « la Bassée » while preserving water resources of the site and the local natural heritage.


The aim of the ecological planning of the site results from a global study covering 1900 ha and 4 villages. Local players together with local quarry operators developed the conditions, the organization and the management of the ecological and landscape restoration and worked out the ongoing management to be undertaken every year.


The actions aim at:

- building on a mosaic of natural environments : dry grasslands, wet grasslands, lakes, ponds, afforestation, islets for terns;

- creating supplementary spaces (alternatively open environments, semi-open environments and closed ones) to fulfil the different needs (food, secure and quiet areas, reproduction).

A partnership between the manager (ANVL association) and local communities has been implemented to ensure scientific monitoring and agro-environmental management of these areas.


The biological diversity of the areas has been proven: 147 species of birds with 78 nesting bird species, 181 vegetal species, 22 species of dragonfly, 10 species of grasshopper, 23 species of butterfly, and 5 species of amphibian.

An observatory, which can host 30 people, has been created at the site of Balloy-Bazoches to have view nature.