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Biodiversity Case Study

Pont-à-Mousson -


To perpetuate and, if possible, increase the biodiversity in an old alluvial quarry.


In a meander located between a broad canal and the Moselle river, the exploitation of sand and gravel let place to a parcelled space composed of an alternation of water and land pieces in parallel strips. This 57 hectare site has a remarkable environmental interest. Therefore its sustainability is a priority challenge.


A management convention has been signed between naturalists (the local association Neomys), APBG (Association of biology and geology professors) and the town of Pont à Mousson. Two objectives were set up as priorities to preserve the observed biodiversity:

• to control the natural colonisation of the area with willows;

• to gather data on habitats thanks to inventories and to improve knowledge.

The choice of the agricultural and environmental management boards of the local area has been to combine extensive pastures with Konik Polski horses, with a late mowing in order to obtain a habitat with grassland and a high quality floral environment.


The ecological monitoring of the site provided the opportunity to observe new animal species such as the Ouette from Egypt, the Bernache from Canada, the pipistrelle from Nathusius, the Chevalier guignette, as well as 193 vegetal species (including 4 red-listed ones). Today, the site is classified as a regional voluntary nature reserve.


Neomys, local association

APBG (Association of biology and geology professors)

Town of Pont-à-Mousson