Holcim Granulats France


Water Management Case Study

Belleville, Meurthe-et-Moselle -


To promote the water circulation and therefore decrease the risks of rises in water level and floods.


Belleville is a sand and gravel pit located near the Moselle River. The extraction of the sand and gravel results in the creation of several ponds. These ponds are integrated within a rehabilitation management plan promoting the establishment of a rich biodiversity but also including the problematic of the immediate proximity of the river and therefore the necessity of enabling water circulation.


The solution is to promote an optimum groundwater circulation between the ponds and the river. Filtering banks have therefore been created in the direction of water circulation. These banks have been landscaped directly within the alluvial deposits.


The creation of these filtering banks on the sides of the pond ensures a good groundwater circulation.

In case of rises of water level, the filtering banks allow the ponds to play their role in regulating the water level and therefore in decreasing the risks of flood and embankment breaking.