Union Européenne des Producteurs de Granulats
Europäischer Gesteinsverband - European Aggregates Association

Circular Economy

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UEPG supports the concept of Circular Economy and waste hierarchy, including recycling where technically, environmentally and economically feasible.

UEPG supports the Circular Economy model

  • We promote sustainable use of raw materials in order to realise the circular economy.
  • We support the development of an End of Waste criteria for construction & demolition waste.
  • We strive to make sure that natural & recycled aggregates are subject to the same environmental and technical quality criteria in their respective applications.
  • We support Member States in their ambitions to use more recycled aggregates in appropriate applications or to maintain higher recycling rates.

Substitution rate

In practice, the available amount of
recycled aggregates of the appropriate quality, would not allow for the
complete substitution of natural aggregates.

Even with the total recycling of
all construction and demolition waste, it would only cover some 12-20% of the
current total demand of aggregates.

UEPG Recycling Task Force

UEPG has a dedicated Task Force on Recycling raising awareness on the need for primary aggregates and the potential of secondary aggregates.

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