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Europäischer Gesteinsverband - European Aggregates Association

Health & Safety

Health & Safety have been one of the main pillars in UEPG ever since its creation because it is of utmost importance to maintain the health of our workforce and ensure the best available measures are in place for their safety.

Proof of the effectiveness of the UEPG Health & Safety Committee is the constantly improved health and safety situation of employees in the aggregates industry in the past decades. Today, we continue to work on these aspects, until there will be no accidents in our industry.

Safer by design

UEPG, the European Aggregates Association, believes that the only sustainable goal, in terms of workforce
health and safety, is to focus on Zero Harm. This requires not only a fully competency-assured workforce,
but all elements of the supply chain working in concert to ensure that employees are provided with plant
and equipment that is genuinely ‘Safer by design’.

Safer by design is voluntary guidance promoted by UEPG that addresses the design vacuum that often
exists between the manufacturers and users of mobile plant used in quarry extraction and processing. This
guidance recommends core safety requirements on Access systems, Visibility, Safety & Security,
Maintenance, Environment & Health, for off-road mobile plant ranging from excavators, dump-trucks,
loaders, bulldozers, to mobile crushing & screening equipment.

Safe quarry

Safequarry.com is the health and safety hub for the mineral products industries. It has been developed to enable all those working within the mineral products industries to have one location where they can access key health and safety information.

It makes accessible invaluable information that is relevant to those working throughout the supply chain; whether working at the quarry face, in related value added operations, in manufacturing plants, product transport or at the customer’s sites – the hub will help you to make your operations safer.

The goal of this website is to ensure that by facilitating the sharing of information and learning from the experience of others within the industry, we will achieve a safer environment for all those involved, employees, contractors, suppliers, customers and members of the public.

A safer working environment with a better trained and more aware workforce will help achieve the over arching goal of zero harm for all those who engage with these industries.

Please find more information at the following link: https://www.safequarry.com/.

NEPSI social agreement

NEPSI is the acronym for the *European Network for Silica* formed by the Employee and Employer European sectoral associations having signed the Social Dialogue "Agreement on Workers' Health Protection Through the Good Handling and Use of Crystalline Silica and Products Containing it" on 25 April 2006.

UEPG is a signatory and active member of NEPSI, promoting the biannual NEPSI reporting within the aggregates industry, while also industriously participating in the renewal process of the NEPSI tools. Therefore, NEPSI is at the heart of UEPG's fight against respirable crystalline silica.

Sharing good practices

As a European association which draws its information from countries across the continent, UEPG is also extensively using the share of good practice as an effective mean to improve health & safety situation. Ideas and practices from one country are used to mitigate similar issues in another.

For this purpose, UEPG is regularly producing Tool boxes on various topics, such as vibrations, transportation or LOTOTO, which highlights best practices from its members.

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